Cafejo declares that they are the only ones to make a French press that can do pods, K cups, and premises all in one single cup system. Among the much better single cup coffee machine out there, regardless of the perfunctory look. 


  • Instantly you can prepare excellent and straightforward French press coffee. It takes pods and can use K cups and is thoroughly microwavable in increasing to dishwashing machine friendly.
  • Frequently, it can be utilized in all sorts of scenarios consisting of outdoor camping, or just being out and about.

Light and portable and simple to utilize, possibly this isn't going to win any awards for style aesthetic appeals.

  • It works and gets the job done it states on this tin, and it makes excellent coffee.

Can moreover be utilized to brew much more drinks consisting of, however not clearly, tea, cider and hot chocolate and more besides.

  • The versatility of this and the low rate make it a terrific buy for anybody who hasn't got a great deal of loan to fund and wants a range of refreshments in a variety of areas.


There is an excellent sized 48-ounce detachable tank and an option of 3 sizes from 6 to 10 ounces too. Offered in 4 colors, this has a lot of purchasers examines all over the web, a lot of which rank it 5 stars.

  • It is an incredibly high variety of pleased clients and by far among the chosen choices of this single cup coffee machine evaluations.

There is a factor that the Keurig is popular, and this bestseller does it all. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or iced beverage, there is a K pod offered for it, and all you require to do is pop it in and push a button.

  • This reasonably priced and you can undoubtedly fit most take a trip mug in there too.
  • The single cup coffee machine evaluations would not be total without discussing the classic of them entirely


The Scoop brews a 7-ounce cup of coffee in just 90 flashes and brews it hot. The more significant cup takes only a couple of minutes longer.

Hamilton Beach's consisted of filter cup has 2 line markings, one for 8 ounces and one for 14 ounces.

  • Merely scoop to fill the filter cup and include water.
  • You'll cover just slightly water for the bowl you're developing. Change the cup rest to the original point for your cup, and press a button to brew.

In regards to look, this little coffee machine is best single serve coffee maker for the traditional cooking area, with a whole stainless-steel surface. A full drip tray and non-skid bottom keep your cuisine area as tidy as this coffee machine looks.

The Scoop presents an option to the standard K-cup maker. This simple-to-use single serve coffee machine hopes your coffee premises and can brew a first 8-ounce cup or a 14-ounce travel mug. Utilizing your very own assumptions can produce a much better quality cup of coffee at a more cost-effective rate.